A few years ago as a joke someone submitted us for a Recycling Award ... As the only thing other that a small percentage of actual trash we would only send steel cases to Landfill ... Well we were in the running until they found out what we actually do for a living and so we were rejected . But the idea remained of how we could reduce even further the product going to Landfill

So this experiment ....

The photo is of our rubbish . Other than the odd Aluminium case the rest are all Steel Cases . Regardless of colour . Which means that they can be Welded , Brazed or Soldered . But they are absolutely useless if you want to make ammo out of them again . But for Hobby , Display , Cosplay , Arts & Farts and so on .... Perfect

I have No Idea how many will be in any given pack . Calibers will include - 7.62x51 Nato(Most western belt fed machineguns) , 5.56mm Nato(M4 , Steyr AUG and M16) , 7.62x39 Russian(AK47) and smaller numbers of - 9mm(most common pistol caliber) , 7.62x54R Russian(PK machinegun and the Nagant Rifles) . The few aluminium cases will be in 38 Special , 357 Magnum and the odd 9mm .

Please think before you purchase as we Do Not Refund or Exchange . Limited number of packs available

Price includes Postage


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Brand Mixed Headstamp

Very good price

By: on 6 June 2021
Very good price and fast shipping.

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