Cases is our Business and we have the machines and experience needed to process brass . What might take you days will often take us hours .

We buy all nature of brass cases in Australia . We are a Bulk Wholesale to the Public operation and are always on the lookout for new supply opportunities in this country . We typically do not purchase Rifle or Pistol calibers in sizes less than 10 kilo lots unless they are rare or are Artillery cases . Or if it’s at a Show(see below)

So why would anyone sell to us ?

Your time is valuable . Sorting cases , weighing them , advertising them , dealing with endless questions , doing runs to the post office or wasting a day waiting for someone to show to buy $10 worth from you …. Yeh ,,, I’ve heard it from many a supplier . With the more you try to help them the more they demand .

Which is why so many sell to us . Within a few days of a shipment arriving we provide an accurate weight and have the money in your account . Instead of wasting all that time selling packs of 50-100 a time .

Sure you aren’t going to make as much but you are saving all the time and stress . Plus we are Discrete and make it so much easier


Yes …. We purchase larger calibers . So if you have a few cases , a few dozen or a few Tons we are interested . Be safe in the knowledge that we do not export our cases so no ITAR issues . We buy whenever possible 20mm , 25mm , 30mm and larger cases . In small and large quantities . So if this is you then shoot me an email with photographs and I will have a price for you promptly

Small Amounts

If it’s a common Pistol or Rifle size we usually only buy in large numbers . IE over 10 kilo . The exception is GUN SHOWS . At these we buy cases of all types on the spot . Best to email me a week or so before a show so I have an idea of what you have and so on . Usually after Lunch is the best time to sell to us .

SO HOW Email me at brass@australianoncefired.net with your details and a description of what you have . I will promptly give you an answer and go from there