Refunds and Returns Policy


We expect our customers to know what caliber they want . Be reasonably skilled enough to reload these in a safe and legal manner . So before you expect a refund please read the below


  1. In NSW we are a Second Hand Product . As such we are not required to offer refunds on Second Hand product . So choose wisely . But if we have made an error we will either replace or refund at our discretion .

  2. Any NEW cases we sell are covered to an extent . If there are any defective cases we require you to prove these are defective . If they are we will issue a pro-rata refund . Afterall if you buy new then you reasonably expect new

  3. The vast majority of our products are Used . As such a small percentage may be damaged , split or not the right caliber . This is just part of why our products are so cheap . Unless it exceeds 2% and this can be reasonably proven we will not refund .

  4. As we had a spate of fraudulent claims when we started we don’t just offer blanket refunds or exchanges . But if we have sent the wrong product , have a product that is not what we described or other exceptional circumstance we are usually reasonable about it .

  5. If you want brand new quality at a Once Fired Price you are dreaming . Our used brass requires work before being made into new ammo . So bare this in mind . If you don’t want to go through all that then buy new ammo or cases . That simple

  6. If you have any questions not answered above email us before purchase . Our grumpy and grizzled staff are suprisingly helpful and knowledgeable on my related subjects .

Australian Once Fired Brass - or 0425216326