Hi . Welcome to Australian Once Fired Brass . We supply all manner of shooters in Australia . 

Well - Here you are


We have added a page for 25mm Bushmaster Cannon shells and links so have a look

our office hours are 8am-5pm . Mon-Fri only . Closed NSW Public Holidays

Well ….. New year and we have restocked many items . More 223 cases with us added the 3kg packs back to the roster . 223 Machine Gun Belts and links . 38 Spl Winchester , Mixed and S&B . 40S&W . 50BMG in ExMil and Civilian stamps . Plus many others .

Our US Shipments are within weeks of leaving Los Angeles . I am beyond disappointed as to how this has all been handled by our US Suppliers and it will mark the last of the US Shipments we will be getting . We should have it cleared Customs by the end of February . This shipment contains - Mixed hunting rifle sizes , mixed larger rifle sizes , mixed Big Bore Pistol , 10mm Auto and 357SIG cases . Most as you can tell will require sorting in Australia and this will take time . We also have not clear indication of what many of the calibers in this lot will be , what headstamps or anything else . We have additional stocks of 308 also arriving to top up our existing supplies

We mail twice a week and Courier once a week . No local pick ups .


If you have a question about Price please check that page . Also check our FAQ page as that will hold the answers to many of your questions

We are open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.. Closed Weekends and NSW Public Holidays . So only call during these hours. Any texts out of hours will not be answered or returned.  


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