A small Bag Full

These are Aluminium Pistol Cases .These can not be reloaded and reused as live ammo .

So put simply they are for Costume and similar use ONLY ….

Due to customer complaints we will no longer be stocking these after this . These complaints are - They aren't brass , they can't be reloaded and they aren't a wider variety of calibers . So stupid people that can't read .

Pack contains 44 Magnum , 357 Magnum , 38 Special , 45ACP , 9mm and the odd other size .

This is a 1 kilo and if it was in reloadable brass the same size pack would weigh over 4 kilo .

Will polish up nicely .

Also available in the really big bag size Price includes POSTAGE


SKU 70
Brand Mixed Headstamp

Great mix for display purposes!

By: on 4 February 2020
Fantastic mix for fleshing out a display or set dressing. Mostly 9x19 and .38 special but there's a bit of everything in there too!

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