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Pistol Case Collector Starter Pack - Postage Included


Every collection starts somewhere . Thanks to my right shoulder being out of commission I had a rare opportunity to assemble 10 only starter packs . By starter I mean it has many of the more common and a few of those you may never be able to get otherwise.

So here are 27 cases from our selection of Centerfire Pistol calibers . Many we don’t have in quantities large enough to otherwise list for sale . So if it’s not one of our regulars it’s not otherwise for sale through us .

Please Note - There are 4 photo’s in this listing for comparison and I will unlikely ever do this again . Postage is Included in the purchase price

Calibers Are:

10mm Auto

32 ACP

32 S&W Long

357 Magnum

357 Sig

38 FX

38 Special

380 Auto

40 S&W

41 Magnum

44 Magnum

44 S&W Special

44/40 Winchester

45 ACP

45 Long Colt

45 Schofield

454 Casull

460 S&W Magnum

480 Ruger

5.7x28 FN

50 Action Express

500 S&W Magnum

7.62x25 Tokarev

7.62x38R Nagant

8mm Nambu

9mm SST

9x19mm Luger

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