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3kg of Theatrical Grade Rifle cases- Postage Inclusive


Well we call these Theatrical Grade . Which to those who who cases means these are Berdan Primed .

While you can make dummy rounds out of these unless you have the rather rare correct equipment these are not suitable to reload .

All are Ex-Military cases .

Some are the 7.62x54R Russian case . These were were the common rifle size from 1891 to 1948 and used in Russian Machine Guns right up to today . One of the most mass produced calibers of all times .

The 30/06 was the US Military caliber of choice from 1906 until the 1960’s . Serving as the rifle size for the US in WW1 , WW2 , Korean and the early part of Vietnam .

The 7.62x51 is the standard Nato Machinegun Caliber until recently . Was also used in the Australian SLR. This was the main caliber used by our forces in combat in Vietnam and Malaya . By other in The Falklands , Northern Ireland and many others .

May also include some 7mm & 8mm Mauser , 6.5 Swede , 7.5x55 , 303 , 7.62x39(AK), 6.5x52 and many others . But it’s a Pot Luck as to what is in what bag

These are Display only units . and sold as such . 3kg posted anywhere in Australia .

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