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1kg Mixed Rifle cases Posted - Jewelery and others


After several similar suggestion from customers that use our products for things other than making more ammo we have listened and are trialing a few new products .

This one is a 3 Rifle Case size mix . Each being approximately 300 Gram of cases in that size . Plus a single .50 BMG case .

The sizes are :

.223 - Arguably the most common rifle size in the world. Civilian brother of the 5.56mm which is used by most Western countries in their Assault Rifles

308 - The Civilian brother of the 7.62x51 - Which is the most common machinegun round in the world

7.62x39 - Notorious for it’s use in the AK47 . If you don’t know what one of those is you haven’t watched a TV in the last 50 years .

In the photo these shown as above from Left ti Right . Giving you an idea of size . Correct measurements can be Googled for convenience .

So in this lot you get the 3 main calibers in roughly equal weights . Not sure exactly how many there are in these . These are Postage Inclusive .

So what sort of uses :

Well we have in the past supplied similar to Jewelers for a multitude of things . Boat builders who’ve used them as switch covers , bolt covers and as decorative inlays . Same with Car and Bike builders . Cosplay and other Costumers . Leather Workers who commonly use the bases as rivet washers . Knifemakers and Cutlers . Reenactors . Film and advertising . As Buttons of all things . Tyre vale covers , ear plug covers , furniture inlays , pens(with the rifle sizes) , trench art , Lighters(with the 50BMG) and many others . The choice of use is purely yours .

We will be trialing these as well as a similar pack of Pistol Sizes . We have also be listed our damaged cases in this section .

So if you have a question just call us during office hours or email us .

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