Buying Guides

Well it's a standard type of Checkout as used on millions of other online retailers .

Just open what you want . Read the description to make sure it's the right product and size for you and if all that's good move to the next stage

Once you have decided on that product and size you have to decide on how many packs in that size/caliber you want . Next to the ohoto in the listing you will see a button marked QTY - That is the Quantity . So if you want 1 then click the up/down arrows next to it . A number will appear . For more than one cliick more than once to adjust the number to the quantity you desire . When done press the CHECKOUT button . That will add it to your shoppong cart . You may then continue shopping adding more if you like .

When finished shopping or browsing the next step is paying . In the top right corner is a small box with the word CART and a number(which is rthe number of items in it . Click on that .

Then it will show you your shopping cart . You can adjust the number of any item being purchased at this time . At the bottom of the page are two buttons . One for PAYPAL and the other does Credit Cards . Even though it doesn't say it .

From there it's a straight forward process of entering your details and paying

We can process PayPal or Credit Card through our Checkout system . Same as used on most other Online Shopping Mobs .

If you are viewing on a smartphone the sections are found in the menu . The menu is those set of lines usually in the top right corner on most phones . So tap that and shop away

With either 10kg or above , items we haven't got listed or bulk orders it's a simple case of email us with your details and order . If you want to proceed we send our Direct Deposit and Paypal account details along with a total price . 2-3 business days after it clears we mail it . Too easy

Any questions just ask