End of year fun

Author: Wayne  Date Posted:14 December 2019 

Well as i type it's less than a week until we close for the year . We are ending the year on a strong note and I'm pleased with the way this new eCommerce website is working .

As always I am always of the search for new suppliers and to expand our range of calibers . With the results translating into many of the new listings we have been able to add in decent times . I will be going through our "Small Batch Packs" and seeing if we have enough in many calibers to be worth listing here . This week alone doing this I have added 270 Ein , 30/06 , 25/06 , 243 and 308 Nickel cases so far . Plus 6.5 Creedmore , 6.5 Swede  22/250 , 338 WM , 338 Lapua , 45/70 amd others in brass . Before years end will be cehecking our Big Bore Postol small packs to see what extra's we can come up with also . With 41Mag , 45 WM, 45LC , 44Mag , 454 Casull and 460 S&W being also recently added.

We are also trialing more of the 1kg pack sizes . However .... We are looking at cancelling the 1kg packs of 9mm and 45ACP due to the number of angry people from the Hobby &  Jewelry sector who don't read the descriptions and get uber nasty when their order arrives . So be warned

Anyway .... Have alot of work before we can close and not much time to do it . Enjoy the season and see you next year


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