2019 Wow what a year it will be

Wellllll ….. After the US Shipment is finally in Australia and processed we will be cutting our days back to 3 or 4 a week . This has been long planned and is something I’m looking forward to .

We have several new products and several old products returning . 223 machinegun belts and links will make the Collector/Cosplay market happy . We have added our 223 OSA mix in 3kg postage inclusive packs by request . We have 3 different types of 38 Special currently in stock-S&B , Mixed and Winchester . We now have large numbers of 50BMG in Ex_Military and smaller numbers of Civilian brands .

We have large volumes of 9mm , 45ACP , 223 , 308 ,. 38 and 50BMG . We are on the prowl for reliable local suppliers and will endeavour to get more of the calibers you are after .