Supply chain and why we don't keep lists

The bigger number of complaints we get is over lack of available product in certain calibers . With the pistol people it's 44 , 357 Magnum and 38 Super for the most part . With the rifle people it's whatever the magazines are currently pushing as the next greatest thing .

But in all instances we can only sell what we can get in. Our US Suppliers getting more unreliable every year and they are worse than you could imagine . We hope that the Hunting Rifle and Big Bore Pistol order we placed in January will be ready for export sometime this year for example . But I'm not holding my breath .

Same goes with those calibers we usually get in Australia . But we are reliant on the schedules of others and what their ranges are shooting . This is not helped by the restrictive new recertification being forced on ranges across the country as this often leaves them closed for extended periods . Meaning they aren't producing fired cases for us to buy .

So . How could we do better at this ? Well that's a question I ask myself often . But unfortunately in this line of work we are dependent on what is available, what quality is it and is it at a price that we can resell for a profit . Often one or more of those don't line up .

But I can tell you it annoys me more than anyone . Afterall - If I don't have a steady supply I lose business and it really annoys me on many levels .

Which is why we don't keep Lists . I've seen many companies keep lists on products that "Might" be eventually coming in . It is a logistical and book keeping nightmare to do. I did it in the beginning and I found that every week many customers waited they got angrier . Often buying from elsewhere and not letting us know . So on top of the many "Are we there yet" type calls and emails we had the unexpected problem of chasing people up when their back order finally arrived .

Which creates bad blood all round . You hear it all the time on the various forums about waiting 6-18 months for "Gun Shop XXXX" to deliver an order . So I avoid that by only selling what we have in stock .