2019 Wow what a year it will be

Wellllll ….. After the US Shipment is finally in Australia and processed we will be cutting our days back to 3 or 4 a week . This has been long planned and is something I’m looking forward to .

We have several new products and several old products returning . 223 machinegun belts and links will make the Collector/Cosplay market happy . We have added our 223 OSA mix in 3kg postage inclusive packs by request . We have 3 different types of 38 Special currently in stock-S&B , Mixed and Winchester . We now have large numbers of 50BMG in Ex_Military and smaller numbers of Civilian brands .

We have large volumes of 9mm , 45ACP , 223 , 308 ,. 38 and 50BMG . We are on the prowl for reliable local suppliers and will endeavour to get more of the calibers you are after .

Next Year

Welllllll …… With me running several businesses side by side in different fields it really takes a toll on your time and resources . So I will start to winding down this business over the next year. Eventually leading to me getting out of the cases business altogether allowing me to focus more on my other more profitable ventures .

So with an eye to that goal we will be cutting the number of Gun Shows savagely . Restricting many of the lines that are unprofitable and not restocking them . Be cutting off many suppliers and be limiting our hours spent on cases .

So next week we will start scrapping much of our surplus and dead inventory . Killing off much of our 5.56mm and a few other sizes .

Toowoomba Wrap Up

Well ….. I went with low expectations . But was truly suprised and impressed by the show . Danny Watson runs one of the smoothest shows in the country and if the dates for next year didn’t clash with Melbourne and local Shows we would be there . But as a business we have to go where the crowds are .

Bendigo Collector and Arms Show

Well it truly sucked Balls . With it officially being the worse performing show on every level we have attended .

It was so bad we cut our losses and returned a day early. There is alot negative I could say but as I will never again waste our time/money going there again I'll save my breathe.

Supply chain and why we don't keep lists

The bigger number of complaints we get is over lack of available product in certain calibers . With the pistol people it's 44 , 357 Magnum and 38 Super for the most part . With the rifle people it's whatever the magazines are currently pushing as the next greatest thing .

But in all instances we can only sell what we can get in. Our US Suppliers getting more unreliable every year and they are worse than you could imagine . We hope that the Hunting Rifle and Big Bore Pistol order we placed in January will be ready for export sometime this year for example . But I'm not holding my breath .

Same goes with those calibers we usually get in Australia . But we are reliant on the schedules of others and what their ranges are shooting . This is not helped by the restrictive new recertification being forced on ranges across the country as this often leaves them closed for extended periods . Meaning they aren't producing fired cases for us to buy .

So . How could we do better at this ? Well that's a question I ask myself often . But unfortunately in this line of work we are dependent on what is available, what quality is it and is it at a price that we can resell for a profit . Often one or more of those don't line up .

But I can tell you it annoys me more than anyone . Afterall - If I don't have a steady supply I lose business and it really annoys me on many levels .

Which is why we don't keep Lists . I've seen many companies keep lists on products that "Might" be eventually coming in . It is a logistical and book keeping nightmare to do. I did it in the beginning and I found that every week many customers waited they got angrier . Often buying from elsewhere and not letting us know . So on top of the many "Are we there yet" type calls and emails we had the unexpected problem of chasing people up when their back order finally arrived .

Which creates bad blood all round . You hear it all the time on the various forums about waiting 6-18 months for "Gun Shop XXXX" to deliver an order . So I avoid that by only selling what we have in stock .

Well where to begin

Odds are no one will read this so i'll be brief .

Been a few months of changes and such for us . Most forced onto us and all ending up with a great outcome .

We had to re-invent the website on a new Host . We managed to fatally crash all our computers . We had Shot Show . Massive issues with suppliers here and abroad . Staffing issues behind the scenes. Plus others .

But we have come through all that with mostly positive outcomes . We are revitalised after Shot Show with new products and calibers . With more in the pipeline . We are looking into ways to make your shopping experience easier .

In the next 4 months we will be at Penrith Gun Show , Bendigo Gun Show , Toowoomba Gun Show and the Illawarra Outdoor and Adventure Show . Looking forward to all these .

Anyway . Better get to it .