Go hard

Well have been working hard to get new products sorted for you . Many lasting hours on the shelves before being sold . So a constant battle to keep up with the demand .

With many of the calibers requiring a high level of sorting it can be very difficult to keep up but we are slogging through . So if you see a caliber as Sold Out odds are it may be back up shortly . Except for 357Mag and 38 Super .

Have cut back on the shows this year as they were a financial drain in many cases . It also frees up more time to sort cases and attend the online business . Which is paying off .

We have had good reaction and feedback from customers over the new sections with us taking on board many of your ideas . We will continue to tweek these so let us know

When it rains

Well we have our US Shipment finally here and have been busting a gut keeping up with the sorting . 357Sig has been selling like Hot Cakes and the customer feedback is better than I ever hoped for . Some calibers so far have been in small numbers and it’s a craps shoot sometimes .

Long term we have been successful in our attempts to widen our network of suppliers in Australia . With several large and medium suppliers added in the past month . Ensuring us a steady supply of cases going forward .

Anyway . Have a stack of work to do and better get to it - Wayne

Moving forward into 2019

Well we have had a great start to the year.

Only days away from our last US Shipment arriving in Sydney as I write this . We have put in tenders with several Australian ranges and possible suppliers to increase the local volume of cases we get . This may just make up some of the shortfall we expect by discontinuing our US Shipments but time will tell.

We have added several new sections . With 1kg Prepaid Packs and or Hobby and Collector Packs sections debuting recently . With the 1kg Prepaid being an instant hit with customers . Which is odd as we used to do these years ago and they were a flop then . But times change .

With our Hobby and Collectors we will be automating stuff we did for years behind the scenes . Like our scrap cases and small runs of mixed collector/hobbyist packs. This is a new idea for us so if you have ideas of what you would like to see in it let me know .

Have a great day and all that crap - Wayne

2019 Wow what a year it will be

Wellllll ….. After the US Shipment is finally in Australia and processed we will be cutting our days back to 3 or 4 a week . This has been long planned and is something I’m looking forward to .

We have several new products and several old products returning . 223 machinegun belts and links will make the Collector/Cosplay market happy . We have added our 223 OSA mix in 3kg postage inclusive packs by request . We have 3 different types of 38 Special currently in stock-S&B , Mixed and Winchester . We now have large numbers of 50BMG in Ex_Military and smaller numbers of Civilian brands .

We have large volumes of 9mm , 45ACP , 223 , 308 ,. 38 and 50BMG . We are on the prowl for reliable local suppliers and will endeavour to get more of the calibers you are after .

Toowoomba Wrap Up

Well ….. I went with low expectations . But was truly suprised and impressed by the show . Danny Watson runs one of the smoothest shows in the country and if the dates for next year didn’t clash with Melbourne and local Shows we would be there . But as a business we have to go where the crowds are .

Supply chain and why we don't keep lists

The bigger number of complaints we get is over lack of available product in certain calibers . With the pistol people it's 44 , 357 Magnum and 38 Super for the most part . With the rifle people it's whatever the magazines are currently pushing as the next greatest thing .

But in all instances we can only sell what we can get in. Our US Suppliers getting more unreliable every year and they are worse than you could imagine . We hope that the Hunting Rifle and Big Bore Pistol order we placed in January will be ready for export sometime this year for example . But I'm not holding my breath .

Same goes with those calibers we usually get in Australia . But we are reliant on the schedules of others and what their ranges are shooting . This is not helped by the restrictive new recertification being forced on ranges across the country as this often leaves them closed for extended periods . Meaning they aren't producing fired cases for us to buy .

So . How could we do better at this ? Well that's a question I ask myself often . But unfortunately in this line of work we are dependent on what is available, what quality is it and is it at a price that we can resell for a profit . Often one or more of those don't line up .

But I can tell you it annoys me more than anyone . Afterall - If I don't have a steady supply I lose business and it really annoys me on many levels .

Which is why we don't keep Lists . I've seen many companies keep lists on products that "Might" be eventually coming in . It is a logistical and book keeping nightmare to do. I did it in the beginning and I found that every week many customers waited they got angrier . Often buying from elsewhere and not letting us know . So on top of the many "Are we there yet" type calls and emails we had the unexpected problem of chasing people up when their back order finally arrived .

Which creates bad blood all round . You hear it all the time on the various forums about waiting 6-18 months for "Gun Shop XXXX" to deliver an order . So I avoid that by only selling what we have in stock .

Well where to begin

Odds are no one will read this so i'll be brief .

Been a few months of changes and such for us . Most forced onto us and all ending up with a great outcome .

We had to re-invent the website on a new Host . We managed to fatally crash all our computers . We had Shot Show . Massive issues with suppliers here and abroad . Staffing issues behind the scenes. Plus others .

But we have come through all that with mostly positive outcomes . We are revitalised after Shot Show with new products and calibers . With more in the pipeline . We are looking into ways to make your shopping experience easier .

In the next 4 months we will be at Penrith Gun Show , Bendigo Gun Show , Toowoomba Gun Show and the Illawarra Outdoor and Adventure Show . Looking forward to all these .

Anyway . Better get to it .