Injuries and take overs

Well I can put this here as no one really reads these . With my shoulder being worse than expected and my possible down time being extended pending the specialist’s next visit it’s a very quiet time

But not idle . In this time we have had several parties sniffing about looking at purchasing all or part of this business . Early days but a possibility in the near future that my inventory will be heading South with a new owner ….

While I’m not too fussed as to unloading the business or it’s assets if the price is right could be tempted ……..

Time will tell

Injuries and a short shut down

Welllll . A few months ago I did a series of injuries to my shoulder . Damaged rotator cuff , burse disc , torn muscles and damage to the tendons . The doctor advised at the time I take time off and let it heal but I had my priorities in the wrong place and kept working . At a reduced speed but working none the less

Including doing a show . After that show my shoulder was further damaged to the point where I either shut down now and let it heal or keep working and require surgery . That last option has a +12 month recovery time attached to it .

So that brings us to today . Where I’ve had to make a very hard choice that in reality was no choice at all .

So the plan is to rest it up for 5 weeks and afterwards if all goes to plan will be able to get back to work late September . But alot depends on how quickly it heals and how well it heals . But it’s something I just can’t do while still working the business .

So will be back at the end of September all going well . See you then


Go hard

Well have been working hard to get new products sorted for you . Many lasting hours on the shelves before being sold . So a constant battle to keep up with the demand .

With many of the calibers requiring a high level of sorting it can be very difficult to keep up but we are slogging through . So if you see a caliber as Sold Out odds are it may be back up shortly . Except for 357Mag and 38 Super .

Have cut back on the shows this year as they were a financial drain in many cases . It also frees up more time to sort cases and attend the online business . Which is paying off .

We have had good reaction and feedback from customers over the new sections with us taking on board many of your ideas . We will continue to tweek these so let us know

When it rains

Well we have our US Shipment finally here and have been busting a gut keeping up with the sorting . 357Sig has been selling like Hot Cakes and the customer feedback is better than I ever hoped for . Some calibers so far have been in small numbers and it’s a craps shoot sometimes .

Long term we have been successful in our attempts to widen our network of suppliers in Australia . With several large and medium suppliers added in the past month . Ensuring us a steady supply of cases going forward .

Anyway . Have a stack of work to do and better get to it - Wayne

Toowoomba Wrap Up

Well ….. I went with low expectations . But was truly suprised and impressed by the show . Danny Watson runs one of the smoothest shows in the country and if the dates for next year didn’t clash with Melbourne and local Shows we would be there . But as a business we have to go where the crowds are .

Well where to begin

Odds are no one will read this so i'll be brief .

Been a few months of changes and such for us . Most forced onto us and all ending up with a great outcome .

We had to re-invent the website on a new Host . We managed to fatally crash all our computers . We had Shot Show . Massive issues with suppliers here and abroad . Staffing issues behind the scenes. Plus others .

But we have come through all that with mostly positive outcomes . We are revitalised after Shot Show with new products and calibers . With more in the pipeline . We are looking into ways to make your shopping experience easier .

In the next 4 months we will be at Penrith Gun Show , Bendigo Gun Show , Toowoomba Gun Show and the Illawarra Outdoor and Adventure Show . Looking forward to all these .

Anyway . Better get to it .