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One of the pallets of cases from our first shipment

One of the pallets of cases from our first shipment


Welllllll . Where to begin

 Well Wayne was sitting in a pub after a session at the range with Pat and Riga a few years back , The subject of how hard brass was to get and how expensive it had become was discussed at length. A conversation you've probably had yourself .

Normally that's where it would have ended . But Wayne had a background in Exporting from the USA so he looked into it . Word spread that he was looking at getting a small shipment of 38 from there and before he knew it he people wanting 50,000 cases . Realising that to make it worthwhile he would have to bring in many pallets of cases that's exactly what he did . Giving rise to what you see here .

Back in the beginning we sourced 90% of our product from overseas . Today it's 30% and falling as more local suppliers get onboard . We will continue to grow and add more product lines as it becomes available . We will be progressively expanding what we do and supply . We will continue to use the very same products we supply you .