Frequently Asked Questions

Well I will endeavour to answer your questions . If in doubt either Email or Call AOF for anything not covered

*Are these Live Rounds ?
Hell No . The bulk of our products are Once Fired cases and the rest are New cases . The new are in the more exotic calibers . The words "Fired Cases" should tell you this but apparently not in some instances. We DO NOT SELL LIVE AMMO . If you somehow think that the term Once Fired Brass means live ammo then you Sir are a moron . Yes , we had to bump this topic to the top after several complaints from people that received cases and not live rounds . No , we do not refund if you somehow are one of these defective brain dead morons .

* If I don’t see what I want or it’s out of stock what then ?

Well then we don’t have it or are out of stock it’s self explanantory . Pretty simple really

* How do we know these are True Once Fired ?
Well we can't say for sure in reality . But we typically in Australia purchase from ranges that use factory ammo , from organisations that don’t reload and so on . If we think something has been previously reloaded we don’t touch it . With the rare exception being collectible cases . But in that rare instance we are up front on their condition

*The website won’t process my order

Well that does happen from time to time . The usual reason is your bank refuses to allow the credit card purchase . It actually comes up as a fault in our system so we can check it . If that happens just email us and will send you our Direct Deposit details . We can not process Credit Cards over the phone only through the website

*Instead of being posted my order was refunded

Well in some instances that is because we are out of the item but our automated inventory system has shown otherwise . But in most cases it’s because of who you are . We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. So if that is you then odds are you are on our Blacklist . People who are on that list are typically - Those that have made a threat of violence against a member of staff or the company , those that have been excessively verbally abusive , those that have previously attempted to scam or defraud us , Serial Pests , those whose actions or conversations shows they are unfit to own a firearm , those whose actions or agenda would bring the sport negative attention, those that have threatened legal action at any time , those that ask us to do anything that is not 100% legal and anyone that we believe has made a false claim against us or our products . If you are any of those you don’t belong in the sport and shouldn’t have a license .

Why can’t you get in the caliber I want?

Well - As most of our inventory is Used we have limited supply options . So we have to find a supplier with that caliber that is prepared to sell to us at a price we can make money on . The product also has to be decent quality . Sounds easy but it is far from it . Calibers like 38 Super and 357 Magnum are hard to source as Once Fired we have very few local suppliers of it. Other sizes we have previously sourced from the USA and the suppliers there have proven to be both unreliable and less than honest . But the short version is that I can only get in a caliber if it’s available and even then there are alot of factors that make up whether we can stock it . Yelling and acting like a twat won’t change that .

* What about the Military Sizes?
Some sizes have a military counterpart . 223 has 5.56 and 308 has 7.62x51 . Some guns have issues with these so check before you buy . Most military calibers have some in Berdan Primed . We sort these out for the most part but sometimes either the light doesn't pick up the second hole or there is grit obscuring it . We encourage people to check their brass if it is a Military size for twin flash hole . Berdan Primed in 223 are super rare so we don't bother checking as we have had only 4 from the last 3,500,000+ cases sold .

*So what do I get in my order?
In a word -MIXED . Which means that there are all sorts of headstamps . In the case of 45ACP , 7.62x39 and 6.8SPC you have mixed primer sizes . Some Calibers also have crimped primers . The percentages of case headstamp or crimp varies from bag to bag . So if you want all of the one type you are in the wrong place . The exception clearly is if we have a Single Brand and in that case the vast majority are that brand

*What is your refund policy ?
These are used items and are sold as such . There is no warranty on them . There may be crimped primers in some sizes .There may be dents . There may be the odd one that is not that size and so on . These are what you are buying and it's the luck of the draw . We only refund in instances where we have sent the wrong order and the wrong order has been returned . The reasoning behind this is when we did offer refunds several less than honest people sent back their flogged , split and otherwise stuffed cases instead of the ones we sent - Fraud in a word but as our products are used it is hard to prove . Any request for refund must be done within 45 days of purchase and not several years later(yes we had a few like that)

*I found a few cases in my order that are not the caliber I ordered ?
Despite all the machine and hand sorting we still get the odd case not the size ordered . In part because some calibers neatly fit into or over the one's intended . 44 mag are notorious for getting 40S&W stuck in them as are 45ACP . 40cal seems to get stuck in or over many sizes it seems . No matter how many sorts we run them through it never seems to get it 100% cleared . But an error rate of less that 1% is something we aim for . We will not refund in whole or in part in this instance . Yes - We have had people send avalanches of calls/emails over 20 cents worth in the past and we will not refund you for stuff like that .

*Why can't you sort by Headstamp , Crimp or in the case of 45ACP Primer Size?
Well there are many reasons why we can't and won't . Time is the single biggest problem . The next is that some of the cases aren't easy to read the headstamp and with my tired old eyes it's just not going to happen . Same goes for Crimped primers . We are unable to sort these out .

*Do you supply Ammo , Primers or Projectiles ?
No to all . We just sell Once Fired Brass . We will not supply or manufacture ammunition . Anyone asking AOFB to supply ammo illegally will be immediately reported to the NSW Police

*Where do you ship to?
Australia Only . As a NSW based company we will only supply our brass to anywhere in this country . As case supply in NSW is not regulated to just Licensed Gun Owners we do not need a Dealers License nor require a Shooters License from our clients . There are various embargoes and other legal requirements for shipping cases outside Australia so we will not supply to anyone from outside Australia . We also will not ship to known Mail Forwarding services . Any attempt or request to breach a trade embargo will be reported to the Australian Customs Service .

*Do you sell bulk ?
Yes in some sizes . Contact me for details .

*Do you buy brass ?
Yes . But we have a long list of requirements before doing so . Best to call during business hours and discuss it

*I only want a few for a project?

Well under normal conditions we won’t help you with that . Our minimum post pack size costs over $8 . Add to that the cost of the packaging , processing and our time it means those dozen cases you want for your whatever come at a rather step price . If they that caliber comes in 1kg pack sizes then that is realistically your only option .

*How do you ship the cases?
We typically use AusPost prepaid Postpacks . These are in 500g , 1kg , 3kg and 5kg sizes . We use Auspost for packages 5-22kg and courier for any larger . We do apply a small P&H charge to cover the packaging

*Where are you located and can I collect ?
We are in Beecroft NSW . We do not run a shop front as 99% of our business is mail order . We don’t allow collection under any circumstances

*Why don't you have a Shop Front ?
Well I've done retail in other businesses . It is damn expensive in ways most couldn't comprehend . As we are a Mail Order company it makes no sense simply have a shop people can visit just for cases when it's cheaper to mail them . The additional costs in running it would mean an increase in price and I'd rather not go that route .

*Do you have waiting lists or trade prices ?
No to both . We tried waiting lists but they caused more issues than they solved . So now we offer to the next that asks when a size goes back on the shelf . As for Trade Prices we are already dirt cheap on most sizes and our Bulk Rates are open to Trade and Public alike . No special deals other than those listed openly .

*What are the payment options ?
Our website has PayPal and Credit Card options . If you require Direct Deposit email us .

*How do you count the cases?
We don't in most calibers. We do it by Weight . As several of the case manufacturers have different weights to their products this can be a pain to get right . Some are over and some under . With the volume we do it is the easiest and time effective way to manage the process . With the odd Orphan Case not of the right caliber it also throws off the count . We are refining the process so bare with us

*Are any of the pistol cases Glock fired ?
Yes . Percentages vary from batch to batch . This main affects 9mm and 40S&W . I recommend you use Carbide dies to resize for 9mm cases . We no longer stock 40S&W

*I want a number less than the amount listed on the catalog page?
For most types that is the minimum order number . Packaging and posting take time and money so it has to be worth my while . We will however sell smaller volumes on some of our less common stock as well as our low numbers stock not listed on this website .

*Do you supply baggies or cases for the case collector market?
We only have the items in the Hobby and Collectors sections available . Nothing else .

*Can I get a free sample ?
No . Brass is brass and I get regular requests for volumes up to 5000 as freebies . If you want to peruse the product see me at the Penrith Gun Show . We do not send out free samples .

*Do you Sponsor events?
We used to . But we kept getting thanked in private and slagged off in public by the clubs we sponsored . Nor do we donate to clubs after the last 20kg we donated to a club got us not even a Thank You which is super rude . Nor will we supply Raffle Prizes

*How do you know these shoot well or work properly?
I personally shoot several Rifle sizes using AOFB cases and the cases for my Pistols are all from our inventory . My Gun Show Salespeople also use our products in the firearms . We don't cherry pick cases just whatever we have in stock .

*Can you recommend a good load for my gun?
There are plenty of awesome websites out there that show loads for all nature of calibers and powders . So let Google be your guide . Personally I use ADI Powders to good effect and strongly recommend their website .

*Do you sell Reloading Gear?
No . There are several great companies in this country that already do these products in depth . If you want to get into reloading Youtube is also a great teacher . Avoid many of the Facebook and other Forums as they tend to be full of bad information and practices .

*Is it true about the dirty stories behind the new Warning labels ?
Saddly yes . The less said about that the better

*Is it true you have reported people to the Police ?
Absolutely True. I am aware of several people being arrested and/or losing the licenses as a result . We are legally obliged to report anyone trying to obtain a firearm , ammunition or other restricted item without the appropriate license . If you tell us you have a gun but no license the same applies . Under these circumstances we will report you to the relevant State Police . If you go mental and threaten violence we will lodge a Police Report and write a letter to your State Registry explaining why you should not have a license . So basically we will automatically report anything illegal and will report any nutter with a License as being Unfit . The less people like these with access to Firearms the better for the rest of us

*How do you handle Complaints?
We take these very seriously . If there is a genuine issue with our product we want to know ASAP . We investigate all but the stupidest complaints . However if we find your complaint to be either unjustified , unreasonable or just a Whinge don't expect to be able to do business with us ever again . We have a long memory and we hold grudges . Taking time away from doing our jobs costs us money . If it's a real complaint then by all means call or email us . But -If it's because your gun has not been bedded in , your reloading is not up to par , you don't know what the word Head Space means , you are using a gun model that doesn't accept 5.56(with 223 rifles) or 7.62x51(with 308 rifles) or you have done something stupid we will not be doing business with you ever again .
In Short - Think before you complain . If we find you have wasted our time then get used to paying through the nose for new brass

*Liability Disclaimmer
Australian Once Fired Brass , it's parent company , it's officers or it's employees are not responsible for how you use our products . These are sold as Inert Brass . So if you run a hot load , reload a damaged case or such and it results in damage to yourself or you gun we are not liable . We do not make your loads - You do . Thousands of people use our cases without incident because they are careful when reloading . Reloading can be a dangerous activity so take care , double check your load data and check multiple sources for load data . You are the ammunition manufacturer so be careful with those loads .

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