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Due to the high volume of Whining that seems to accompany the Arts and Crafts crowd let me be Blunt ..... Read the Product Description . Do Not Ask us to alter what the product is . Do Not ask for the pack sizes to be changed in any way . Do Not ask us for Live Ammo . And if you get exactly what the product description says then DO NOT COMPLAINT . WHINGE , WHINE OR GET ABUSIVE IF YOU ACTUALLY GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR AND ARE TOO STUPID TO READ THE DESCRIPTION ....

If you only want a Handful thats not my problem . The minimum pack sizes are the minimum pack sizes . I will not make a custom order for you . Nor match exact numbers of the same brand . Nor hand polish , clean or process past what it already is .

Be aware that ANY complaint that is unjustified , false or because of your stupidity will result in you losing your abilty to ever purchase form us again . If the Whining and False Complaints climb to anywhere near the level they used to be I will delete this entire section and go back to the minimum pack sizes being 3 kilo again .

We are a Wholesale to the Public business and not a Boutique Retailer . We deal in volume and have Zero interest in any pack sizes smaller than the one's listed .

Wayne - Australian Once Fired Brass

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