An odd one that I've had for some time and only in the past few months got to Idenfify it . It's a  6 Pounder Naval Shell . Asused on WW1 British/Commonwealth Warships and the "Male" Tanks used in World War 1 .

But it doesn't look like a regular 6 Pounder . Because it isn't. The markings on the base give away the truth . The PF stands for Pownder Filled . Which is Black Powder and not the propellant used in normal shells of the era . The Black Powder shell was used for Signalling and Saluting. Much in the way you see them doing 21 Gun Saluted for heads of State and such . So an oddity ....

But the story gets stranger . It was badly coated in some varnish when I first got it and it wasn;t until I cleaned that muck off that I realised it had a scene etched onto it .

The scene is of 3 Golfers and a swimming Lady in a Bikini in the water near where they are playing . Below this is the writing SPORTS 1953 . So i assume it's a Sports trophy from 1953 . The etching is light and if you wanted you could sand it the shell down a quarter millimeter or so easily to remove any trace of that .

But that is up to you . As a piece it isa  rare Army/Navy cross over . As the gun that fired it was also used on tanks like the Mark 4 and others . Pretty amzing really .

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