Hi . Welcome to Australian Once Fired Brass . We supply all manner of shooters in Australia . 

Well - Here you are

We have added a selection of 1kg packs in a new section . These will be a trial and may be discontinued if they don’t sell

our office hours are 8am-5pm . Mon-Fri only . Closed NSW Public Holidays

We have had a steady stream of people that use our products for things other than making more ammo . These include Jewelers , Costumers , Cutlers , Carpenters , Boat/Car/Bike builders and many others . We have had some good creative feedback from many of these and have added a new section for those - Hobby and Collector packs - Which refers to the products being items and classes outside what we normally sell …. So for you creative types we will be trialing that section with mixed packs and other oddities . So check it out and let us know what you think

We are selling out the last of our EGW Undersized Dies and will not be restocking these . For a $15 discount on those use the Promo Code - GIMME . Only available in 45ACP and 38Special/357Mag

Well ….. New year and we have restocked many items . More 223 cases with us added the 3kg packs back to the roster . We have bulked out the Belts Links and BMG with more. Machine Gun Belts . Links and 50BMG cases . 38 Spl Winchester , Mixed and S&B . 40S&W . 50BMG in ExMil and Civilian stamps . Plus many others .

Our US Shipments have Just Cleared Customs in Sydney . With all the drama and headaches getting it we will no longer be sourcing product from the USA . . This shipment contains - Mixed hunting rifle sizes , mixed larger rifle sizes , mixed Big Bore Pistol , 10mm Auto and 357SIG cases . Most as you can tell will require sorting in Australia and this will take time . We also have not clear indication of what many of the calibers in this lot will be , what headstamps or anything else . We have additional stocks of 308 also arriving to top up our existing supplies

We mail twice a week and Courier once a week . No local pick ups .


If you have a question about Price please check that page . Also check our FAQ page as that will hold the answers to many of your questions

We are open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.. Closed Weekends and NSW Public Holidays . So only call during these hours. Any texts out of hours will not be answered or returned.  


 0425 216326