Welcome to Australian Once Fired Brass . This is our new store and if you are a previous customer with us take your time exploring . There are many familiar products but our main goal is to give you the customer a better and simpler shopping experience .

 Yes we are open as usual . We mail to anywhere in Australia Only .

With this new site there are some added features . Like the ability if a product is shown as being out of stock to be notified automatically when we get new inventory . We have changed the sections somewhat and there are some that overlap . We added Artillery cases in their own section as AusPost have changed the postage rules once more to allow us to Flat Rate our 105's accross the country for a postage inclusive price . We will also have larger Artillery cases available but those will have to wait as I need to figure out how to integrate the Courier price calculator they use here .If you are interested in those please contact us

We are also adding every few weeks more packs and more calibers as we are getting more variety coming through . So pays to check more often

We have 9mm Winchester in decent volumes just in so all our regular 9mm Mixed Headstamp packs have a Winchester equivalent .

We have recently added - 38 Special , 243 , 30/30 . 30/06 .  and others 10 kilo packs of brass 9mm , 30/06 and may have a few others depending on upcoming volume . With several fresh shipments of brass recently arrived by months end we should have several more calibers added to that list . So if what you want is currently Out Of Stock click the blue Notify Me button in the listing and it will let you know the minute we get more stock

As Shot Show is Cancelled and this Hysterical Media Fuelled craziness continues I can't say when our next public show will be . But I will let you know beforehand


If you have any questions , suggestions or whatever please hit the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page

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