Welcome to Australian Once Fired Brass . This is our webstore and so take your time exploring . There are many familiar products but our main goal is to give you the customer a better and simpler shopping experience .

 We are open Monday to Friday . 8am to 5pm . Email outside those hours . But as an online business you can buy from us 24/7


Covid has both helped and hurt us like so many others . At the moment we are finding it difficult to get a wider variety of products due to the closures and restrictions on the Gun Ranges here . Hopefully the general panic from our "Leaders" will stop and business will return to usual early next year . We still provide the same service and have streamlined some of what we do to make it easier for you . We have no big plans for the coming year just the same as we already do with a focus on getting a wider variety and new suppliers to make that happen .

Have processed the very last of our USA barrels . As we have very limited stock coming in we will be reducing our hours from June . We still will be mailimg at least once a week and available on Email but it;s currently not worth us being open Thursday and Friday . So will be working elseswhere on those days . Our next Gun Show is expected to be Toowoomba late this year as we are hearing rumours that Sydney may not be going ahead .

We have a fresh barrel of 5.56mm Winchester NICKEL in stock . Yes ... A Barrel .... Available in our Rifle Section in 3 , 5 and 10 kilo packs . Also available in 50kg crates on request . We have fresh stocks of 9mm Winchester . Fresh 308 expected shortly . More 243 and 30/30 arriving early DecemberWe will also have larger Artillery cases available but those will have to wait as I need to figure out how to integrate the Courier price calculator they use here .If you are interested in those please contact us

We have are constantly sorting and adding products to the website weekly . So if a listing shows as Out Of Stock click the blue Notify Me button in the listing and it will let you know the minute we get more stock

We also BUY BRASS CASES of all sizes , calibers and whatever . The larger the volume the better . We also pay spotters for leads on large volumes if it proves good

We also have offline a decent number of Artillery and Naval shells that are too big for us to sell through our webstore . So ask if you require a larger size .


If you have any questions , suggestions or whatever please hit the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page

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