Hi . Welcome to Australian Once Fired Brass . We supply all manner of shooters in Australia . 

Well - Here you are


We have added a page for 25mm Bushmaster Cannon shells and links so have a look

Well with the end of year coming up we will be having our end of year Sales . Next MONDAY is for our 10KG and Larger packs . Thursday the 20th is for any other items that can be purchased through the Checkout System . We will be adding a page shortly to explain it all .

We have 223 back on the shelves in Decent Volumes . We recently added a limited number of 38 Special in Winchester packs . We have also gotten more 308 in stock . We can’t get the Sako mix anymore but have instead gotten a dominantly OSA mix with a decent percentage of Winchester in it . We have had arrive more 50BMG(including factory seconds) and 5.56mm Links . Will try to get those processed before Xmas if we can so they can go on the website- Check the BELTS AND LINKS Section . We are expecting in the days before closing a shipment of Mixed Pistol cases - That should include small numbers of 38 Super and 357 Magnum .but we will not be able to process that until the new year .

Sadly with the news that the organiser of the Australian Shot Shows going into Liquidation it has caused all sorts of issues in the industry and the sport . So we are now faced with 3 Expo’s in Melbourne over a 7 month period next year . With the Deer Hunting Expo in March , an event attempting to clone Shot Show by former employee’s of the failed show organisers in May and the rescheduled Real Shot Show in October .

We would have liked to have done the Deer Expo but the timing of our US Shipment will mean we won’t have enough stock to make it worth the effort . We will not be doing the show in May as we(and a long list of creditors) are not about to trust the same people again . We will be weighing up the SSAA event in October as they are the real Shot Show

After much pain and frustration we finally have the necessary export permits for our US Shipment . But as it’s missed the Xmas rush cut off it will be arriving in February . This shipment contains - Mixed hunting rifle sizes , mixed larger rifle sizes , mixed Big Bore Pistol , 10mm Auto and 357SIG cases . Most as you can tell will require sorting in Australia and this will take time . We also have not clear indication of what many of the calibers in this lot will be , what headstamps or anything else . We have additional stocks of 308 also arriving to top up our existing supplies

With the end of the year we will be closed over the break . With our last day being December 20th and returning on January 7th . Please Note : We will not be mailing out during that time and all orders during that time will be processed and mailed on January 7th .

I will be announcing our End of Year Sale shortly with the Promo Code to access it . Unlike past years we have this website running mostly on Automatic . So the promo will only be for items you can add the your Shopping Cart and Checkout . Not the 10kg packs or above . It will also only run for a neat 24hours as I’ve worked out how to set the timer .


If you have a question about Price please check that page . Also check our FAQ page as that will hold the answers to many of your questions

We are open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.. Closed Weekends and NSW Public Holidays . So only call during these hours. Any texts out of hours will not be answered or returned.  


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