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Hi . Welcome to Australian Once Fired Brass . We supply all manner of shooters in Australia . 

 Good to have a break but we are back to work

Welllllll . It's 2018 . We have some great things in the works . Some new products coming up . Some new faces behind the scenes . Some changes to how we do our Gun Shows . Many new local suppliers and so on .

We will be listing NEW 500/465 NE and 416 Rigby . In our Once Fired range we are adding 7.62x39 , 30/30 , 30/06 , 300BO, 270Win, 45/70 , 50AE , 45LC and many others to the lists . So bare with us .

We are adding fresh Rifle and Pistol sizes to our Bulk & Prepiad page and our Other Calibers pages over the next few weeks . We are currently sorting several barrels of Mixed Rifle cases from the USA so we will be adding as the new products come up . So keep an eye on us or our Facecrook page for details

But for now we have added to the Bulk and Prepaid page a section with .50BMG . That's Cases , Links and Belts of cases. Yes , I said BELTS . Belts of .50 are cooler than a Polar Bears Lunch Box and we have a one off supply of them just arrived . Must have for your display . While stocks last

We are having issues with Bigpond email accounts trying to send us anything . We have had our ISP onto it but they couldn't give a reason why . So our email is Brass@AustralianOnceFired.Net . Just cut and past it instead of using the email links as we aren't sure what end the fault is on .

If you have a question about Price please check that page . Also check our FAQ page as that will hold the answers to many of your questions

If you are after a size please ask as we may just suprise you . We have 4 times as many caliber sizes as we list but most of those are in small quantities .

We are open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday , AEST . 8am to 11am Saturday . Closed Sundays and NSW Public Holidays . So only call during these hours. Any texts out of hours will not be answered.  
We will be closed from December 20th and re-open on January 8th 2018
 0425 216326