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Hi . Welcome to Australian Once Fired Brass . We supply all manner of shooters in Australia .

You will be seeing some changes to how we package and sell online over the next few months . One obvious change will be the prepaid packs we have been trialing via our Facebook page and will be adding several Online Only options for sizes tailored to the Pre-Paid Auspost 3 & 5 kg packs . These won't be true 3 or 5kg sizes as we have to drop the weights on average 20 grams to make them flush on 5kg with the Postpack weight being the difference . At this stage these options will be postage inclusive and will be in limited sizes .

EGW Undersized 9mm dies are back on the shelves . We have also added
40S&W , 45ACP , 38 Super , 357 Mag and 38Special so these are now in stock . We also got spare depriming pins that will be available seperately . Prices are $60 for the dies and $5 each for the spare pins . Those are on our new Dies and Machinery page which includes some of the spare equipment we have in stock so have a Squizz

We have had a disturbing number of complaints from the Melbourne Shot Show - Short orders , the cases rubbish , staff rude , wrong product and others in the 11 complaints so far received . But there is one major problem with that - We didn't do the Melbourne Shot Show ....... There are other companies out there that use labels similar to ours , use banners that are in some instances nearly identical to ours and they advertise as Us . But they aren't us and if these complaints are anything to go by they are a poor imitation with crap products & service . So to ensure you get good quality cases at a killer price make sure you are buying from the real Australian Once Fired Brass and not one of the fakes .

A reminder that We AREN'T doing the Brisbane Shot Show or the Maitland Show . So if you see one of the Fakes at these steer clear of them .

If you have a question about Price please check that page . Also check our FAQ page as that will hold the answers to many of your questions

If you are after a size please ask as we may just suprise you . We have 4 times as many caliber sizes as we list but most of those are in small quantities .

We are open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday , AEST . 8am to 11am Saturday . Closed Sundays and NSW Public Holidays . So only call during these hours. Any texts out of hours will not be answered.  
We will next be at the Melbourne on July 1st and 2nd
 0425 216326